Due to the current situation we find ourselves, I’m offering this course with a reduction to just £35 per couple as I want to support you to have a positive breastfeeding experience that you will always remember.

Antenatal Mindful Breastfeeding Course

A 3 hour group course covering: –

  • Breastfeeding and our culture
  • How breastfeeding works
  • Breast anatomy
  • Breastfeeding birth preferences
  • Relaxation and your mind/body connection
  • Calm breathing techniques
  • Bonding and skin to skin
  • Oxytocin – what is it, why it’s so important and how to maximise this
  • Colostrum to mature milk
  • First few hours/days – what is ‘normal’ and finding balance
  • How do you know that baby is getting enough milk
  • Communication between your baby and breasts
  • Mother’s instinct
  • The latch and why it’s so important
  • When/how to seek help and support

This course will leave you feeling completely relaxed & confident about breastfeeding so that you can make this a wonderful experience for both you & your baby.

You will also receive a set of relaxation mp3s which you can use to support you through your new Mama breastfeeding journey & especially whenever you need some ‘me time’ to relax.

Register your interest – claudia@labouroflovehypnobirthing.com