My Story

I live in Solihull with my Husband Benjamin, little boy Maddox and baby girl Marnie who are both ‘Hypnobirthing babies’.

I’ve spent the last 20 years working in legal recruitment and running my own business, more recently taking on responsibility for leading the fundraising for a charity close to my heart & juggling family life.

Hypnobirthing was recommended to me in 2015 to try and help me experience a positive pregnancy/birth after the devastating loss of my identical twin boys (Archie & Hugo) at 22w4d due to pre-term labour. Thanks to the power of Hypnobirthing I can honestly say that even after the worst experience of my life during my first pregnancy/birth, I loved giving birth to Maddox – it made it possible for me to have the most amazing experience of my life.  Many people I speak to think I’m crazy when I say that “I loved giving birth” but I genuinely did and just don’t recall feeling any pain, just a beautiful, calm, positive, life-changing moment.

Sadly my baby loss journey has continued and since having Maddox I’ve experienced three miscarriages and also had to say goodbye to another little boy (Albie) at 16w4d.  The last 5 years has tested me beyond anything I could ever have imagined and it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions to lose six babies but one day I had a ‘light bulb moment’ – I realised that this was happening to me for a reason, somebody/something was trying to tell me that I needed to use my journey to help others.

So, I started working for a baby loss charity and more importantly realised that I can help every family I encounter experience a positive pregnancy/birth through Hypnobirthing. So, I undertook my training with The Calm Birth School and here I am – I finally feel as though I’ve found my calling and know that I can help every woman experience an incredible, empowering birth, whatever their journey to motherhood has been.

I decided to name my business ‘Labour of Love’ as my journey to motherhood has been exactly that, one that I would never give up on, no matter how difficult. I am now a very lucky to have enjoyed another amazing Hypnobirthing experience with my little girl Marnie who was born in July 2019 and you can read all about her very eventful birth in my blog!

I can’t wait to start working with you lovely Mama so that you can tell everyone how much you loved your birth experience too!