Mindful Breastfeeding Support

Looking back on my first breastfeeding experience with my son, I really wished that I had done more to prepare myself as I had no idea how difficult it would be. My Son did have the added complication of tongue-tie and jaundice, although many of my friends also had difficult experiences with mastitis and bleeding/blistering nipples. It can be an emotional time, with a mixture of feelings and pressure – anxiety, feelings of failure, adjusting to being a Mum and trying to be the best Mum you can be. 

This tends to be an area that many parents-to-be neglect when it comes to antenatal preparation and early motherhood can be more challenging than you’ve ever imagined.

I help to prepare couples before baby arrives through Mindful Breastfeeding. I will show you how mindfulness techniques can help you to free yourselves from any limiting beliefs and negative emotions that can so deeply impact on your whole experience as a new Mum & Dad. I’ll share relaxation techniques and mindfulness practices with you that are useful before and after birth. When you understand this aspect of feeding your baby you will be amazed at the transformations that can happen and how it will give you the confidence to connect with your baby even more deeply.