For anyone looking to do a hypnobirthing course, I would highly recommend Claudia, she is amazing!

I attended a course a couple of months before my baby was born and it helped tremendously.

My birth didn’t go according to plan but with the tools and knowledge I gained from Claudia. I was very relaxed about everything and had an enjoyable birthing experience despite having to be induced (pessaries, breaking of waters and the dreaded drip!), thirty hours of labour and then an emergency caesarean due to the baby being stuck in my pelvis.

Throughout it all, I used my breathing techniques and didn’t get stressed as all eventualities had been covered in the course… this made me feel empowered and relaxed about the decisions that had to be made and I owe this to Claudia.

Even after I’d completed the course, Claudia still kept in contact, assisting me when required and after the birth of my son I was able to reach out to her again and she advised on some breastfeeding issues I was having.

Claudia is a truly wonderful lady and a fabulous teacher and as far as I’m concerned, the course is very worthwhile and an essential for any mom to be.

Thanks again Claudia!

Jo xx