“As a first-time father to be, the elation of finding out we were expecting was followed by realisation that we were on a life-changing journey that I knew very little about.

Feelings of complete happiness & excitement were met with a need to feel prepared & confident to provide support & comfort to Laura. I had an image of what I wanted to be but had no idea where to start…

Having known Claudia personally for several years & with knowledge of her journey into & through parenthood – we couldn’t have wished for better support & guidance into our birth experience.

From the very first taster session with Claudia, I grew in confidence & knowledge. We wasted no time in booking a 1-1 course to help us navigate & manage this journey in a way that would leave us feeling empowered & in complete control.

One of the things I appreciated most about Claudia’s approach was that whilst of course, Laura was our joint focus, there was a conscious effort to include, guide & provide comfort & reassurance to me also. I never felt excluded & became aware that with the right approach, I could play a fundamental part in our baby’s birth.

Understanding physiology is one thing, but what I found equally powerful was the mindfulness, breathing, & meditative tools that we learned throughout the course. Tools that we still use today.

We entered the final phase of our birthing experience feeling ready & so excited for what was to come & had planned & considered all eventualities.

Without question, the techniques & approaches that we learned from Claudia played a huge part in what was an incredible, calm, & comfortable birth for our beautiful daughter Florence.

I can’t thank Claudia enough, for helping me to support Laura when she needed me. Laura was incredible from start to finish & the strength, knowledge, & tools gained through hypnobirthing enabled me to support, enjoy & be in complete awe of Laura & Florence.

Claudia, I’d like to thank you once again for all of your help throughout this incredible journey.”